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4 Myths About Veneers

4 Myths About Veneers

Posted by Kennedy Heights on Feb 1 2021, 08:05 PM

Having a beautiful smile and a healthy pair of teeth is simply a part of your identity. Dental cosmetics (such as veneers and laminates) are highly effective chip-like resin restorations that unfortunately get a bad rapport in the minds of many dental patients.

All too often, our dentists at Kennedy Heights Dental Centre hear from clients who still need cosmetic services to improve their smile because they aren't sure if veneer teeth restorations are right for them.

At Kennedy Heights Dental, we're pleased to offer veneer and dental laminates that improve our patients’ smiles, without causing them pain or noticeably changing their facial appearance.

We've put together this quick guide dedicated to busting the most common myths about veneers before and after you get them. Keep reading to learn more!

Myth #1: They are fake-looking

What are veneers, if not a means to improve your natural facial appearance? The myth that a pair of veneers looks fake is the result of poorly done laminates that end up looking unnatural. Cases like this have given veneers, in general, a negative reputation. 

Veneers look fake when they are too big and too thick to look natural in a patient’s mouth, or when the patient hasn't given their veneers the proper care they deserve. Modern pairs of veneers and dental laminates are translucent and practically impossible to distinguish from the rest of your teeth. 

If you’re still concerned that a pair of veneers will end up making your smile appear less natural, we advise consulting cosmetic dental professionals to choose a pair of veneers that will best compliment your natural smile and facial appearance.

Myth #2: They weaken your teeth

Some people imagine that in order to get veneers placed in their mouth, they need to file their natural teeth down to tiny little nubs. This myth that veneers weaken teeth has remained popular, despite the truth to the contrary. 

Instead of weakening your teeth and their natural enamel, veneers adhere to your teeth to provide added durability, without removing any precious enamel. In fact, veneers made of porcelain prevent tooth damage from grinding and clenching the jaw, as well as prevent the kind of damage they often get blamed for causing.

Myth #3: They make eating more difficult

Porcelain veneers and dental laminates are durable to the point that they have no trouble dealing with strong chewing and biting forces. Modern veneers have tensile strength comparable to a natural set of teeth, which makes eating with them painless and easy. 

It's recommended that you avoid certain foods (such as hard vegetables or tough meats) right after getting your new veneers. At Kennedy Heights Dental, we can recommend foods that are best eaten after getting veneers, as well as foods to avoid once you regularly use dental laminates.

Myth #4: They will be painful to deal with

By now, we hope you’ve learned that veneers are pain-free and are designed to fit each patient's unique jaw structure and tooth size without causing discomfort.

At Kennedy Heights Dental, we offer painless veneers and dental laminates for patients with chipped or cracked teeth that require a non-invasive restorative solution. Our veneers are perfectly adapted to match the surface texture and shape of your teeth, ensuring you feel no interference when you chew, bite or clench your teeth. 

Learn more about veneers with Kennedy Heights Dental

Our dental professionals at Kennedy Heights Dental are pleased to offer our clients dental veneers that help them smile confidently. If you're looking for dental veneers and aren't sure if they're the right solution for you, our experts can help answer any questions you nay have.

At Kennedy Heights Dental Centre, we strive to provide our patients with a positive and relaxing experience. If you're ready to experience the best dental care, please contact us at 778.438.2084. or visit us at 11960 88 Ave, Delta, BC V4C 3C8. 

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